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Case Management Tracking Database

This database tracks every aspect of an Alaskan clinic's patient information from the general contact information to the individual hospital visits.  It also creates daily, weekly and monthly reports to send to insurance agencies and various government agencies.








Program Participation Database

The database below tracks program participation for a major medical education company in Oregon. It stores each event the company conducts including tracking the individuals that attend the event and the faculty that teach at the event.  It also includes financial information such as the grants used for funding and the expenses incurred for each event.







Property Listing Database

This database tracks rental properties for a real estate broker in the DC area.  The broker can enter detailed general information and amenities for each property he/she is managing.  The search functionality allows for the filtering of available properties based on various criteria such as the subway line, the amount of bedrooms and the rental amount.  It also produces professional looking property sheets for each property similar to that offered by the MRIS (Metropolitan Regional Information System).








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